Alpine Lodge


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The Alpine Lodge cubby house is the perfect bunkhouse for your kids to play in during the day and sleep in at night. It’s tough and classic design has added height, a veranda with a high decorated peak and four glassless windows to let in the light and fresh air. Your kids will be enjoying this cubby house for a long time, which makes it a very economic choice in cubby houses and kids playground equipment. No wonder it is so popular!

Your children will love the cozy feel of the indoor cubby and their bunks. They will find it to be a wonderful place to pretend and play. The Alpine Lodge cubby house is truly ‘a place of their very own’ for your kids to enjoy and you will love it too. Just think about having a safe environment where you children will love to play outdoors, use their imagination and where you will not have to worry about them and they are using their independence and developing a sense of self.

You can also teach your kids a sense of responsibility when they have a wonderfully outdoor toy like the Alpine Lodge. Help them take on the responsibility of its upkeep by making a list of things that need to be done on a weekly basis and then have them help you do those things, like sweeping off the porch or sweeping out the cubby. You can even get them a special broom to use just for that job. Kids who take responsibility for what they have, will take pride in their cubby and use it even more!

Backyard toy accessories are available for the new Alpine Lodge cubby house. You can choose to purchase one of the door kits which have the choices of half door or full door sizes, flower boxes to pretty up the front part of the house, skylights for more natural light in the cubby house, and a letter box. These will all help your children feel right at home in their cubby house. The skylight is really a wonderful feature to add to this cubby house from CubbyKraft. When your child wants a little down time with their Teddy and a good book, they can sit under the skylight in their cubby house reading and daydreaming.

All of your neighbours and friends are going to want to get one of these wonderful outdoor kids playground equipment and cubby houses for their children as well when they see how much fun your kids are having. The Alpine lodge has an eye-catching design that your neighbours are sure to notice. It won’t take long for them to try and get a peek inside where they will see the bunks set right into the taller side of the cubby house. Many of our customers comment how much their neighbours and friends love their cubby house and then, we welcome them as customers too.