Country Cottage

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The Country Cottage cubby house is an elevated play house design with a veranda and an upper-level deck, making this cubby one of our larger cubbies at 4200 x 3000mm. It is durable, safe, and will stand up well to all kinds of weather. The sand pit under the cubby will keep your children cool while creating worlds of fun in the sand. Most of all, it is a place where your kids will love to use their imaginations, play, and grow. And you can feel safe because they are in their own backyards.

Did you know that playing outside in nature teaches kids patience? It’s true. Getting kids to appreciate and connect with nature is just that important, so that they can understand all living things have a purpose and they don’t tear around hurting and breaking things out in nature. As they watch birds or other critters, it gives them the ability to be more patient through practice. The outdoors is just filled with wonder and excitement as well as learning opportunities for kids, like the changing of the seasons, how a caterpillar magically transforms into a butterfly and how you can hear the ocean inside a shell.

If you have a little girl, add the flower boxes and the Flower Periscope to give her Country Cottage a feminine touch. Add your own patio furniture or doll furniture inside the house for your little girl to take care of her babies. She will be enjoying her very own home taking care of her little ones. If you have a son, he will also enjoy additional toys purchased or added on as he grows which can be provided by CubbyKraft cubby houses. Rope pulls, climbing nets and punching bags will have him strong enough to be a contender. This type of pretend physical play not only helps your child be fit, but also helps them to develop socially and stretches their imagination.

Other Backyard toy accessories are available for purchase. This includes adding a skylight inside as well as a door complete with a door knob to turn. These can help add a realistic touch to the house. A letter box can be added so kids can get mail at their house as well as a flower box to add colourful flowers. There are also choices for you to make, like a roof colour, which will help your child’s backyard play area complement your home.