Harry’s Hideout


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Hi! My name is Harry and this is my hideout. It is the coolest place to play in the whole wide world. And the best thing is, it could be right in your backyard. Your kids will get so excited to play in my hideout once they see it built just for them. They can even help assemble it!

Want to know a little be more about me? I’m the rough and tumble type of kid who loves to play outside. I like to climb and slide, run and jump. Do I sound like your kids? I bet I do and I bet they would love my hideout as much as I do!

It has a rock wall that they can climb up, the slide to slide down in case you need to make a quick escape and a lookout fort – so I can see if someone is coming through the periscope. Then, have time to run and hideout in the cubby. I would love for your kids to be my friends and play inside my hideout with me.

My hideout comes pre-equipped with outside toys like steering wheel, periscope, handles, and a telescope – it’s all ready for your kid’s great adventures. And the large area underneath the cubby can easily be turned into a sand pit, another great place to play in my hideout.

Are your kids getting into too much of an inactive lifestyle? Do they have too much television time and not enough outdoor play? With my hideout in your back yard your kids are going to be begging to stay outside all of the time. And you will know they are safe, because they will be at home in their own hideout cubby house.

Harrys Hideout features two separate structures – the cubby house and the cubby fort, or lookout tower – that are connected by a foot bridge path that your kids can use to defend the hideout when the enemy attacks. The main “play house” cubby of the Hideout can be accessed using the stairs and you can exit from either side using the slide or ramp. Your kids can climb right along with Harry up the rocks and go down the slide as many times as they can, which will probably be hundreds of times a day if they are anything like Harry. All kinds of fun games and activities can be devised so that young ones are able to use their imaginations to their fullest in this great space. The cubby house can also be used for down times, times to play quietly with toys or share secrets with friends.