Kimba Castle


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Kimba Castle is two cubbies in one. This is a great choice to allow children to grow into their cubby house. This comes with a standard sized cubby that is on the ground level and is easily accessible to even toddlers who can find fun on tis play set. The other structure that is attached to the standard cubby is a loft style look out cubby. The loft cubby is lifted on support poles so the cubby is raised above the ground. The loft area can be reached by either climbing up the stairs or climbing up the rock pegs on the rock wall.

Many people like this style of cubby because it has the two different structures allowing safe play area for all ages. The standard cubby house has a porch that can be decorated to look like a real house. Many children like to add accessories to spruce their play house up a bit. They can add some of our fantastic accessories on to the Kimba Castle such as a front door to the standard cubby house along with a door knob to open and close the door. They can also choose to add a flower box and a letter box. These make the house look more realistic. Skylights can also be included as an optional choice.

Play houses like the Kimba Castle allow children to have fun on their make believe imaginary world. They can play for hours between these two cubbies. This play set is great for boys as well as girls. Families with multiple children will appreciate this larger structure when compared to others that are smaller. The roof choices are available in seven different colours that parents can choose from.

Most kids that enjoy cubbies like the Kimba Castle in their own back yard tend to spend more time outdoors than children who do not have a play set in their back yard. It is extremely beneficial for kids to play outdoors both mentally and physical and can help to enhance their growth. Kids learn a great deal about the world around them by playing imaginary games. This is the ideal setting to foster this creative learning process.

Getting your kids started on a daily exercise program doesn’t have to be too difficult. As a matter of fact, it can be very easy when you have a piece of backyard playground equipment like the Kimba Castle. Start having fun and exercising with a variety of physical activities that you can do in your backyard around cubby house. Choose fun activities that you and your kids will enjoy like running around, sliding down slides and climbing up the stairs or rock climbing walls. Choose fun activities to do in the cubby that you kids will enjoy and change them up so they won’t get bored.

Additional outside toys are available to purchase that will go with your cubby house. Your children will enjoy their use as well. These toys range from animal themed spring rockers, swing sets, and wooden toys like a ship’s steering wheel where your child can be captain of their own fleet.