Little River


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Little River cubby house is an on-ground cubby with two covered decks, one on each side. This makes the Little River cubby a unique piece of playground equipment that is perfect for large families, home daycare outdoor play areas, and preschools. Whether you have sons and daughters at home or girls and boys in your class, each can claim a side of the cubby house as their own to play games that they want to play. The boys can pretend to be out on the high seas on one deck and the girls can have a tea party on the other. Everyone has their own space with this backyard playhouse.

The Little River cubby house is fun for everyone in the whole family. It gives you a place to allow your children to play, but parents can also ‘get invited’ to their kids playhouse and enjoy in some festivities. So, not only does it give you some time to yourself when the kids want to play on their own, it brings the family together by giving you opportunities to do activities with your children. Have a family game night or enjoy an afternoon tea together. Games can be the run around outside kind, like tag, or you can break out the board games and play those inside your cubby house. Family togetherness is one of the best reasons you can invest in a piece of backyard playground equipment like the Little River. Your kids will love the time they play in their cubby with you too!

Is your backyard the place to be in your neighbourhood? Do your children have a lot of friends who like to come over to play? Our Little River cubby house is a wonderful toy to have in your backyard when your child wants to have a friends over. The kids will have a great time enjoying each other’s company and the fun toys you have provided while playing outdoors. They will run, climb and slide over and over again. You can invite a few friend over to play and have a picnic outdoors with them. What is great is that you will not have to have too many kids running around inside the house, because they will all want to be outside playing together. Another great reason to have a wonderful outdoor kids toy.

Additional outside toys are available to purchase that will go with your cubby house. Your children will enjoy their use as well. These toys range from animal themed spring rockers, swing sets, and wooden toys like a ship’s steering wheel where your child can be captain of their own fleet.