Moon Dance


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Here comes your child, ready for their mission to dance on the moon. They mount the stairs and ascend into their space ship. They turn and wave to you at the back door and then go off to play in space. While parents know that this cubby house and covered deck is a piece of kids playground equipment, it will never be that in the minds of your children. It is going to be a space ship, a princess’ castle or a gangster’s hideaway, depending on where your child wants to be that day. And it will change all of the time as out cubby houses inspire a creative imagination in children.

Just think about how easy it will be to raise healthy kids when they have a cool cubby house play set like the Moondance cubby house in their own backyard. Kids love to run around and play, jump up on things, swing and climb. This is healthy exercise that will help your child’s body develop strong muscles and healthy systems.

It is important for parents to give their kids tons of opportunities to go outside. That is where the fun begins. Being outside helps kids feel like being active – right off the bat. When you have outdoor toys in your backyard, you can let your kids out to play much more often then when you have to take them to a park or school yard to play on swings and monkey bars.

Backyard toy accessories are available for the Moondance cubby house, they include a full or half front door with a handle that can be attached, flower boxes to pretty up the front part of the house, skylights for more natural light in the cubby house, and a letter box. These will all help your children feel right at home in their cubby house. This cubby design really benefits from the skylight accessory to allow more light into the cubby house. Your child will enjoy reading and some downtime in their cubby with lots of natural light.

Additional outside toys are available to purchase that will go with your cubby house. Your children will enjoy their use as well. These toys range from animal themed spring rockers, swing sets, monkey bars, and wooden toys like a ship’s steering wheel where your child can be captain of their own fleet.