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Need a place that your kids will want to play, grow and get their exercise day after day, year after year? Wouldn’t it be great if it was right in your own backyard? That is what you and your kids can have with a cubbykraft cubby house like the Redwood Lodge.

The Redwood Lodge cubby house will give your kids and family room to grow as it is one of the larger cubby house designs at 4200 x 2400. It is the perfect size for families with more than one child or those who will be adding siblings as time passes. It is an elevated cubby house that includes fun fitness toys like a rock wall, a slide and a place for a play underneath. A sand pit can be easily added and is a preferred choice of parents who purchase the elevated style of cubbykraft cubbies. It has an outdoor covered deck area attached to the cubby house and, of course, the cubby itself which comes with an open doorway. Or, you can choose to purchase one of the door kits which have the choices of half door or full door sizes. When you think about all of the play areas included in the Redwood Lodge design, you can see that your child will have so many activities to do that it will take hours for them to do it all. Then, they will want to get right back to it, day after day. It will be their favourite place to play for their entire childhood.

The Redwood Lodge is also a perfect cubby house design for those who want the place to grow with their children and help keep them physically fit. Add a wooden rung ladder or a ball rope so your kids will enjoy another way of getting up into their cubby house. These, along with the rock wall which comes with this design, will help your child build upper body strength and give them more choices of play areas as they grow. Upper body strength is not easy to develop unless there is a certain type of activity that your child is doing to help develop it. As running is the main activity that kids do, when they don’t have playground equipment, the upper body can tend to get neglected. The Cubbyhouse rock walls are meant just for that type of activity. As your child pulls themselves up the rock wall time and again, they will build their upper body and strengthen their muscles.

Additional outside toys are available to purchase that will go with your cubby house. Your children will enjoy their use as well. These toys range from animal themed spring rockers, swing sets, and wooden toys like a ship’s steering wheel where your child can be captain of their own fleet.

If you have a little girl add the flower boxes and the Flower Periscope to give her Redwood Lodge a feminine touch. Add your own patio furniture or doll furniture inside the house for your little girl to take care of her babies. She will be enjoying her very own home taking care of her little ones. If you have a son, he will also enjoy additional toys purchased or added on as he grows which can be provided by CubbyKraft cubby houses. Rope pulls, climbing nets and punching bags will have him strong enough to be a contender. This type of pretend physical play not only helps your child be fit, but also helps them to develop socially and stretches their imagination.