Paddington Deluxe


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The Paddington Deluxe cubby house is an amazing backyard toy that kids flip over! It will have yours waiting at the door every morning, excited to get out, run, jump and play with their cubbie. They will be so thrilled that you will have a hard time getting them to come back inside. And why should they? Playing all day long outside is healthy activity – and they can even sleep in the Paddington Deluxe!

Having a playhouse like the Paddington will give your kids their own personal space – a place for them to call all their own. Their own mini-home where they can enjoy the company of friends, daydream or have grand adventures. Just think of the peals of laughter you will hear when your child turns their cubbie into spy headquarters. They will use the binoculars to seek out the bad guys while using the telephone to call their cohorts to report in. Using code names and the steering wheel, they’ll drive to the rendezvous point and capture the spy. Just in time to start all over again the next day.

Parents will be happy to know that the accessories mentioned in the previous paragraph come with the cubby house. They will also be happy to know that there are many other accessories that their kids will love. First, there are items that enhance the cubby itself: door kits, skylights, window caps and letterboxes. Next, there are many types of playground equipment that will turn the playhouse into a playground area. These include swing sets, spring rockers and monkey bars.

Older children will enjoy the ability to have sleepovers with their friends in their Paddington cubby house because it comes complete with a bunk bed set. They will be able to talk and laugh into the night without keeping the rest of the house up all night. You will know that they are safe being in their own backyard. There is a window at one end of each bunk to help the air flow and keep the beds cool on hot summer nights. The best feature of the Paddington Deluxe cubby house is the elegant look. This cubby will enhance your backyard landscaping by creating a focal point. From the natural wood look to the decorative peaks, it is made to augment a garden area. Just because the cubby is a play toy for your kids, doesn’t mean it can’t look good! Your backyard will be the envy of your neighbourhood. You can even add flower boxes to the glassless windows of the cubby house to make it look even more like a garden cottage.