Rivergum XL 2.4 x 3.0


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Picture this. It’s Saturday morning. You slowly open your eyes as you pull yourself out of dreamland. You reckon it must be 6am, and you’re relieved that you’ve woken up before the kids so that you don’t have to be dragged awake kicking and screaming. What bliss.

You roll over to get an idea of the time. It’s 9am. WHAT! Something must be wrong. You haven’t had the morning ramblings of, “I’m bored. What can we do now? Where are we going today?” Aliens must have abducted your children, or even worse.

You tear through the house. Bedrooms empty. Bathrooms empty. Living area empty. Kitchen empty. All of a sudden you hear laughter and screeching and your heart rate slows down to a panic. You look out the window and what an amazing sight. Your kids are outside running around, jumping, playing, rolling and having a ball. They are totally engrossed in playing in their cubby house. So engrossed that they’ve forgotten to harass you!

This could be your household if you had the Rivergum Timber Cubby House. Relaxed parents, plus the added bonus of happy, healthy and entertained kids. It couldn’t get any better than that.

Although it actually does get better than that, believe it or not! The Rivergum Timber Cubby House is one of our tallest children’s cubby houses, sitting on stilts at 1200mm high, which the kids love. There are four large windows, and to make it all their own, the pine cladding can be painted any colour of the rainbow and you can choose from four different colours for the roof. The Rivergum Timber Cubby House is their stage and they can create the play! Let their imaginations run wild; perhaps they’re high up in their castle overlooking their land, ready for an enemy attack, or they’re playing ‘I Spy’ as they watch over our precious country finding the hidden wonders of nature, or they’re sailing the high seas with views of the vast open sea, all the easier to spot the pirate ships!They might even be in their rocket ship, flying high in the sky, looking down on the world below. This type of pretend play is awesome for your kids. Not only does it develop their creativity but it helps with language development, social interactions and gives them self-esteem by having control over their play.

Besides revving up those imaginations, the Rivergum Timber Cubby will get them outside and active. Climbing up the ladder and charging down the slide, jumping, rolling, leaping and running will keep those muscles in tip-top shape. Of course keeping them active now, will keep them fit and healthy as they grow up. Your young explorers will also be getting outside, taking in a good dose of Vitamin D and some fresh air; a far sight better than watching TV or playing games.

This children’s cubby house has a large space underneath, so the kids can create an extra hide-out, or you can use it for storage or perhaps add a sand-pit. The choice is yours.

The Rivergum Timber Cubby is an excellent investment for any family, not only will your backyard become their play wonderland, which is a great dose of free entertainment, but it is also made from the best materials on the market, to ensure that this children’s cubby house will last you for years to come. We use the best Australian timber, which is organically treated to prevent white rot and fungus. Even our slides are given the royal treatment as we use high-quality resin based materials, which can withstand challenging conditions and they are also resistant to warping.

Does your child like when their friends come to play? Our Rivergum cubby house is a wonderful toy to have in your backyard when your child wants to have a play date. The kids will have a great time enjoying each other’s company and the fun toys you have provided. They will run, climb and slide over and over again. When you invite a few friend over to play, you can have a picnic outdoors with them and you will not have to have too many kids running around inside the house, because they will all want to be outside playing in the cubby. Another great reason to have a wonderful outdoor kids toy.

If you were thinking of searching for cubby house plans to make your own cubby house, think again. Not only will you spend money getting the materials but it will take you a whole heap of time to get it finished. Imagine watching those disappointed faces as you struggle weekend after weekend to get it done. Putting the Rivergum Timber Cubby House up is a walk in the park. Like all our products, this children’s cubby house is surprisingly simple to put up, with our easy instructions and pre-cut construction, it will be up in no time. You certainly don’t need to be a Rob Palmer to get this job done and you don’t need to get a handyman in either! Quick, simple, job done.

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