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Let us welcome you to a new life! A life filled with health and happiness; let’s not forget a life that isn’t filled with that annoying thing called nagging, where you’re tired of hearing yourself drone on with the same old words, “Go outside and play.” Which is followed by a 5 minute stint outside where your kids come charging back inside with another all-time favourite of “There’s nothing to do outside, it’s boring.” So in desperation to get your lovely couch potatoes away from their screens you’re off spending money providing entertainment.

Drumroll! Enter the Skyfort Cubby House. This will be your new best friend and this is where your new life begins.

When your kids see this cubby house and fort all in one, they are guaranteed to stop dead in their tracks in absolute amazement at what has landed in their backyard! Of course straight after gawking in awe, they will be running and clambering to play on this adventure wonderland. This amazing piece of kid’s heaven will save your voice from nagging and those couch potatoes will be banished from your house forever!

This is an investment in your new life; not only will you save your kid’s health, but you’ll save on expensive day-trips as well as kid’s party venues; with this in your backyard the parties will come to you. Be prepared for your backyard to turn into the local neighbourhood hotspot and playground. Health, happiness and friends; all perfect for your child’s development. There’s even a little bonus in there for you; a little quiet time in the house to recharge from a busy week!

The Skyfort is no ordinary outdoor kids toy, this is a child’s dream come true; it includes a cubby house, swings, a climbing wall, a slide, a fort lookout plus a mountain of other kids toys that you can add. You can change it up a little and choose different options to make it exactly the way your kids want it.

Additional outside toys are available to purchase that will go with your cubby house. Your children will enjoy their use as well. These toys range from animal themed spring rockers, swing sets, and wooden toys like a ship’s steering wheel where your child can be captain of their own fleet.

This is an imagination station and to get their brains working overtime you can add just about anything you want from our huge range of accessories. To give you a little taster, add a ships wheel for them to set sail to far-off lands, a steering wheel to race around the track, binoculars to catch those enemies creeping up to their fort, a telescope to watch the night sky and a periscope to discover the wonders of the ocean. You can also add a flower box, letterbox, basketball hoop, climbing net and way more.

The Skyfort will get every muscle in their bodies working and every brain cell ticking. It will also get them outdoors in the sunshine without one single groan or moan. In fact it might take you some time to get used to the quiet in your house!

Outdoor playground equipment like the Skyfort backyard playground equipment all promote physical fitness in young children, teaching them a good habit that will follow them throughout their lifetime. By putting an outdoor play area in your back yard you are making physical fitness convenient, fun and your child want to be out playing with it all the time. By giving your child this great opportunity and playing with them, you will be modelling healthy physical activity. and having a cool outdoor playhouse like this one will entice your kids to want to be outside playing in it every single day.

The Skyfort is perfect for the larger family with a large backyard and is even a favourite playground choice for pre-schools. This ultimate playground will be the best investment you will ever make; it will last for years as it is made from the highest quality materials and it will grow with your kids whether they’re 5 or 15.

The Skyfort will be the new love in your lives!