Townsville Tower


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The Townsville Tower cubby fort from CubbyKraft is an open fort structure with two peaks in its design. It is a place for your kids to enjoy their imaginative adventures, run, climb, jump and play. As its name suggests the Townsville Tower cubby fort is the perfect cubby for a large and growing family or a home daycare or preschool playground. The 4800 x 2400 size of this cubby fort is the perfect for your toddlers and children to invite their friends. And it will grow with them! Plus, you can feel secure when they are playing safely in their very own backyard on the Townsville Tower cubby fort by CubbyKraft cubby houses.

You child will run up the stairs into the lookout point and then continue up into the fort, slide down into the grass and repeat those actions over and over again. Such good exercise! Or, they may stop at the telescope to spy a ship coming in from the sea or see whatever their imaginations can conjure up! The Townsville Tower cubby fort is a fun way for your child to stay fit. When you pick a cubby house with a slide, you are adding to their ability to be physically active. Sliding down a slide is a wonderful physical activity that will build leg and abdominal muscles and develops coordination.

Another reason that the Townsville Tower cubby fort is a great option for your home daycare or preschool playground area is the way it is designed. With only one set of stairs and a slide down you will not need eyes in the back of your head to watch the children at play. The back wall of the Townsville Tower cubby fort is solid for added strength and privacy. Part of the area under the cubby house as the elevated design is sturdy and it is secured with structure support posts. Being elevated in design it allows your child to have the play area underneath. There are so many fun things to do with a CubbyKraft cubby house or fort.

Our Townsville Tower cubby fort is perfect for play dates – where you can invite your child’s friends over to play in your child’s backyard playground toys. The kids will have a great time enjoying each other’s company and the fun toys you have provided. They will run, climb and slide over and over again. When you invite a few friend over to play, you can have a picnic outdoors with them and you will not have to have too many kids running around inside the house, because they will all want to be outside playing in the cubby. Just one of the many reasons your child will love their new outdoor toy!

You can add a swing set to this cubby house and create an even larger play area for your children to enjoy and get exercise. CubbyKraft has many choices of swing sets that your child will enjoy. An added benefit is being able to switch out the type of swings you have, but keeping the set. So, if you need a swing to accommodate a baby, we have that… and if you need to turn it into a moulded seat swing or a standing board when your child gets bigger, we offer those too! Or you may want to add a spring rocker or two if you are designing a daycare or preschool playground area. At CubbyKraft we offer all kinds of outdoor toys to add to your possibilities so you can design the perfect playground.