Turtle Tower


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The Turtle Tower cubby fort from CubbyKraft is an open fort structure. It is a place for your kids to enjoy their imaginative adventures, run, climb, jump and play. As its name suggests the Turtle Tower Cubby Fort is the perfect starting cubby house structure for your little one. The 3300 x 1200 size of this cubby tower is big enough for more than one child and small enough to fit into a small-to-average backyard. It is the perfect play fort for your toddler and young child and will grow with them. Plus, you can feel secure when they are playing safely in their very own backyard Turtle Tower cubby fort.

The Turtle Tower cubby comes with a rock wall for your child to climb, a slide to slide down, a car wheel to drive into their imaginations, a periscope to spy fun and exciting things and a telescope, just in case the enemy is approaching. When you pick a cubby house with a slide, you are adding to their ability to be physically active. Sliding down a slide is a wonderful physical activity that will build leg and abdominal muscles and it develops coordination. The slightly elevated design is sturdy and perfect for the toddler who wants to build their muscles climbing the rock wall of their cubby fort.

Instead of arguing with your kids about going outside, wouldn’t you rather have to call them inside more than once? That is the kids of thing that happens when you have a cool outside kids toy like the Turtle Tower cubby fort. Kids get so busy playing with this tree fort that needs no tree that they never want to stop. The best thing about this is they are outside in the fresh air, exercising, developing their muscles and brain and having a great time doing it. Really, having backyard playground equipment is the single best thing parents can do to keep kids active and healthy.

Did you know that being able to play imaginatively is a learned behaviour? Having a safe place to play is what gives your child the ability to prod their ingenuity and it allows their creative juices to flow – this is how their own cubby house will help your child learn to use their imagination.

One of the first things young children pretend is to be mommy or daddy. This is because they can recall things that you do and they can then rented to do the same things. For instance, your toddler can drive their car using the wheel that is a standard toy which comes with the Turtle Tower cubby fort, just like they saw mum and dad do. As their imagination grows, that wheel will become part of a race car and your child will be racing around the track. And you never know, one day he may be one of the engineers building racetracks! But for now, you can let the Turtle Tower cubby keep them safe, playing in their own backyard.

You can take the Turtle Tower cubby fort design another step further and add swing sets. CubbyKraft has many choices of swing sets that your child will enjoy. An added benefit is being able to switch out the type of swings you have, but keeping the set. So, if you need a swing to accommodate a baby, we have that… and if you need to turn it into a moulded seat swing or a standing board when your child gets bigger, we offer those too!